Sunday, August 9, 2009

Forever Mine

A slight brunette woman made her way through the parking lot to her car. The parking lot lights flickered every few seconds, they looked like they were about to blow out soon. She was tired, a hectic work day behind her. Standing next to her car, she fumbled through her purse for her keys.

A frustrated “Gah!” came from her lips. She knew her keys were in there, but she couldn’t find them at all.

Out of the corner of her eyes shadows moved. She really didn’t pay much attention, intent on finding her keys.

After five minutes of searching in her purse, she finally smiled. Putting the key in the lock, this time she noticed the shadows and hurried to get inside. She fumbled a few times, but finally managed to get in. Locking the doors immediately. She started her car and headed for home on the other side of town.

Home seemed so far away. Home. Would she ever feel safe? No more shadows? Comforted by the four walls, yet going home to nothing but herself. Her boyfriend lived in a different state, always a phone call away. But her thoughts were of worrying about getting home.

She was almost home, five minutes away, so close. Suddenly something hit the back end of her car. She hesitated about stopping to see the damage that was done, but it got the better of her and she pulled over and stopped. She grabbed a flashlight from the backseat and turned it on.

Holding the flashlight in one hand, her keys in the other, she left her car door ajar and walked slowly to the back of her car. She looked all around the car, not a scratch, a dent or anything. She turned her flashlight towards the road behind the car. There was nothing on the road behind the car. She swore, she knew something had hit her car.

A shadow crossed the path of the flashlight beam. She jumped and ran to her car door. She slammed the door shut and tried to put the key into the ignition. It wouldn’t go in! Something had happened to the key. She looked at it with her flashlight, the key had melted.

“What the F…?” came from her mouth. Disbelief washed over her face. “What the…”

BAM! Something hit the car, something big. She turned the flashlight off. BAM! Again.

“omigod …” she whispered.

Her eyes darted all around, window to window to window.


She couldn’t see anything, just shadows. She was growing more and more frantic by each hit to her car. Suddenly her car doors unlocked and were wrenched open.

“What…” barely a whisper, all that she could manage to choke out. She opened her mouth to scream, nothing came out.

The shadows swarmed around her car, circling as if to keep her there, not letting her leave. Something bigger than the shadows loomed in the distance, coming closer and closer, Something that was darker than the shadows swarming round her car.

Shaking began to wrack her body. The flashlight dropped and her keys not long after. The car began vibrating, something big was coming. Her shaking got worse with every growing second.

What was it that was coming to get this woman? Why her? What was happening? Why?

Scared. Panic. Disbelief. Waves of emotion rampaged through her.

The car’s vibrations got worse. Whatever it was was closer, the shadows still swirling around the car. They never let up.

A huge hand reached through the shadows into the car. She froze. Then the adrenaline kicked in. She was kicking, screaming, fighting the hand as much as possible. Clutching her gently, the hand pulled her from the car and up through the black shadows that now swarmed around her, making sure that she couldn’t see what had her. She had no idea where she was. That thing took her far from town, not even on Earth anymore.

She didn’t even notice she was no longer near her car and moving away from it and everything else she knew.

From sheer exhaustion of fighting, she fell into sleep in it’s hands.

Hours passed. She woke up in a bed, not knowing where she was. There was a light above her, but darkness obscured her surroundings. She could hear a muffled rumbling in the distance.

“I’m coming for you,” a deep male voice echoed out of the distance.

She tried to get out of the light and into the darkness to hide, but the light followed her, no matter how hard she tried.

“You are for me,” the same voice again, closer this time. Chills went up and down her spine. She didn’t like the thoughts of what could happen, she refused to focus on it. She thought of her boyfriend instead, and her mother and her sister.

“You are mine. Forever mine.” above her.

She was a frozen on the bed.

“You are forgotten. Someone no one cares for. You have lost everything. Nothing is what you have.”


In the daylight, police investigated her abandoned car. Her purse was still sitting on the passenger seat, everything still in place from the night before, nothing missing. There was still gas in the car. Police were running out of options as to why she disappeared.


“Mine. Mine. Forever mine.”

She shivered again, but couldn’t move. Stillness. No more rumbling, but she could feel his presence there. She had no idea what was going to happen, and how long she was going to be there. He said forever and she knew he meant it. Forever was a long time.

She wished to see her mother again and her boyfriend.


The police finally made a full report.
Missing Woman
Race: Caucasian
Age: 24
Brown hair, Brown eyes
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Her name: Ellen Jaberwowski


Ellen regrets one thing, she should have told her boyfriend she was pregnant with his child. She fears for the child and what will happen to them.

“Forever mine.” sounds again and again and this time she hears it in her head. The longer she’s there, the more things happen. She never hears the man coming, if man is what he is. All Ellen feels is his presence. The man never speaks aloud anymore, she just hears him in her head.

Her nightmares are never going to go away.
Doomed. Tortured.

“Forever mine.-”

Monday, August 3, 2009


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