Monday, September 21, 2009

Not as your figment (poem)

There are times when I feel this way, but hopefully not any more.

Not as your figment

People think I am just a figment
Only there to give advice
Not there for any real friendships
Just to put me out of there minds when they are done

I am a person
Someone who needs friends
A person who’s there for fun
Not just to be put away again

I am not as figment
I am as real as can be
I have feelings
There’s more to me then what you think

There are a few who know me
To them I am not a figment
I am as real to them as they are to me
Those are the ones who matter the most

For those of you who don’t see me anymore
I speak out to you
You make me sick
And stay the hell away
I am a force to be reckoned with
Once I’m gone I’m gone
So don’t think that I’ll come back
I’ll just forget you as you forgot me
Just don’t cross my path

I’ll be fine without you
Have been for a while now
No need to worry
I don’t worry about you

You thought you knew me
It’s true you really don’t
You haven’t met the real me
To you I am just a figment
But it’s not true
I am not a figment

I’ll go on living without you
I’ll go on living who I am
I’ll just go… on living
Not as your figment