Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This I wrote awhile ago...

Existance... is there a meaning?

Meaning? Does existance have meaning?
Is it falling in love?
With one person? Or torn between two?
Falling for one and being with them forever?
Shy to tell them? Or shout it from the roof tops?
Is there meaning to our existance?

Is it to be mindless?
Same thing over and over?
Are we to live out our lives?
Or what? What are we suppose to do?
Are we to die young and not experience anything?

What are we to experience?
If we did go, leaving this world behind, who would miss us?
Where would we end up?
Are we good or bad?
Who cares enough? Who would say, "You are important to me"?
Should we stay in this world? Or should we leave?

is it being with the one you care about?
them caressing you?
being with you? loving you?
having the soft kisses? just being with each other?
someone making you feel loved and appreciated?
is this the meaning of our existance?

Is it having your heart torn out?
Being ripped to shreds and stomped on?
Then show to everyone you know?
Is it suppose to be done all the time? or just once?
Is this suppose to be our existance?

Is it suppose to be working at a mindless job?
One that you have done hundreds of time?
One that you could do in your sleep?
One that you like but gets on your nerves?
Is it time to change jobs?

Is existance..
waiting for someone to call?
wanting someone to be all right?
wishing that life wasn't so complicated?
having your soulmate infront of you and not even knowing it?
caring deeply for someone and wishing that they knew it?

What is the meaning of our existance?

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  1. I have often pondered this. I have trouble with the meaning of life, usually coming to the conclusion that there is no point. When you think about it, Earth is such a minuscule part of the universe that one person does not matter at all. So I've decided that if there is no point to life, we might as well enjoy it while we can! :)